Friday, 3 July 2015

Which kind of poverty will the Greek people choose?

Όποιος θυσιάζει την ελευθεριά του για την ασφαλειά του δέν αξίζει ούτε την μία, ούτε την άλλη. That has been said, in many languages and at many times, by many people, right back to the beginnings of human society. Among those who have said it was — (though in the current political climate it seems scarcely credible) — an American president; Benjamin Franklin.

I saw it painted up on the wall of the harbour workers’ union building in the Greek city of Volos a week or two ago. I hope lots of people did, and I hope they will remember it when they go to vote in the referendum (which, for their own reasons, the people who are trying to rule Greece from other countries are trying to get the Greek government to cancel) on Sunday. I’m afraid the choice is going to be between poverty and poverty. Poverty with independence, or poverty as the disgraced pet dog of International Finance.

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