Friday, 17 July 2015

A few more words about the Greek 'Crisis'. (Yawn.)

Sorry about this, but as an Englishman in Greece I should say something. Strictly speaking you can’t call something that goes on and on a ‘crisis’, but as it is now majority usage that determines meaning — words mean whatever most people think they mean — those of us who thought ‘Crisis’ had a clear semi-technical meaning will have to find a new word, until our new word, too, is rendered vague and useless.

Anyway, it seems that Greece is to get a ‘Bridging Loan’. That is to say, the people to whom Greece owes money are going to lend her some more, so that she can pay back some of what she owes them. Umm…

There is also talk of ‘Restructuring’ the loan. I think this is fancy economist-speak for ‘Oh well, all right, you needn’t pay it all back.’

I hope to talk of something less urgent but more interesting soon. Here is a totally irrelevant picture:

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