Thursday, 17 April 2014

People Who:


Use the ‘Comic Sans’ typeface.

Say ‘Hopefully’ when they mean ‘I hope that…’

Put little smiley faces in their e-mails.

Keep looking to left and right when you are talking to them, in case someone more interesting comes by.

Say ‘Hi!’ instead of ‘Hello’.

Get up to leave and then stand in the open doorway and continue talking.

Gaze abstractedly into the distance while the supermarket check-out lady adds up their bill, then say ‘Oh!’ and start looking for their purses.

Buy books on Amazon then complain when their local bookshop closes down.

Boil a two litre kettle of water to make one cup of tea.


On the 17th of March 1951 American forces landed at the aptly named Bay of Pigs in Cuba, with the intention of overthrowing the Cuban government and imposing a puppet regime that would favour American interests. They failed ignominiously.


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