Friday, 25 April 2014

Greek as She is Spoke. (Or Not, as the Case May Be.)


Today’s Post is addressed to my readers (both of them) here in the island; the rest of you can continue to ignore me.

Many local people feel offended, even insulted, by the apparently wilful failure, in  spite of ample opportunities, of most English people here to learn Greek, even after some years residence. At best, Greeks regard us with amused tolerance. Why should they take us seriously when we don’t even take their language seriously?

We would all rise in their esteem if we were seen — and heard! to be making a real effort, so now that I have more free time I want to start again to give Greek lessons for English speakers.

Individual tuition, (You may think you learn at the same pace as your partner, but believe me no-one does!) at my place, (Number 54 in the Old Village, on the road to the old school), €10 an hour, first lesson free and no obligation to continue if you hate it, so what have you got to lose? No nasty grammar; I shan’t hit people with difficult terms like ‘Nominative’ and ‘Genitive’ unless they’ve done, say, Latin or French at school and are happy with such words. Teaching will be individually tailored to suit each pupil.

I want to try and reassure prospective pupils that my reputation as fierce and sarcastic is just a protective front and in fact I don’t bite. What’s more you’ll get a cup of coffee or tea or a glass of wine.

Anyone interested can e-mail me — — or telephone — 24240 66 202. You might even enjoy it, as the Greek doctor told a friend of mine when he went for a colonoscopy.

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