Sunday, 27 April 2014

Never Mind the Popery, Here's the Panto

American and European radio were dominated this morning by the ‘News’ that two living popes would today declare two dead ones saints. This non-event being of as much interest to intelligent people as the latest Jeffrey Archer, I shall write about something more important: last night’s final performance, here in the island, of ‘Snow White and the Seven Sisters.’

Usually it’s on the first night of a show that glitches and graunches occur, but none did. There was one last night, but by then cast and crew were so used to the show, not to say blasé, that almost no-one in the audience took much notice when Sirius the dog tripped and hurt her paw quite badly. As she bravely limped up the aisle and out of the auditorium most people thought it was just part of the show, and when director and author Phillipa, in a brilliant piece of improvisation, made an unscheduled appearance to bark an important canine message, Orion thought it was a last night wind-up. Phillipa, trying to look doggy without a furry costume, took over the part, lending extra point to Orion’s line ‘You cannot be Sirius’.

The show must, and did, go on: so successful was the cover-up that I had difficulty persuading Doctor Yorgos, who was sitting next to me, that this was a real accident and he should pop out to give veterinary assistance. Phillipa did not in the end have to turn to the audience and deliver the classic line ‘Is there a doctor in the house?’

Congratulations to all involved in this year’s show, especially our new young star Anastasia Markou, very specially author and director Phillipa, and very very specially brave Sirius, (Michaela Kiriannaki).

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