Sunday, 15 June 2014

Greece Expelled from Common Market

That was a cheap attempt to get your attention; as far as I know (though at the moment if it isn’t football it isn’t on the news) it hasn’t happened yet.

No, in my frustration at the lack of what is now called ‘feedback’ to this blog, I said I would offer a list of things about which I could write, so that readers might copy it, add ticks, and send it back to

Here then are 26 totally arbitrary subjects, in alphabetical order of key term. I’ve never done it before, but I’ll try to put little tick boxes beside each one for you:

□ The Aardvark; a limerick.

□ The Brough Superior motorcycle.

□ The plural of the word ‘Clitoris’.

□ A Definition of ‘Rebarbative’.

English as spoken by the BBC.

Fairies at the bottom of the garden.

Great Expectations.

□ Earthquake-proof houses.

I know more than you about almost everything.

□ The near-impossibility of getting Greeks to make the ‘J’ sound.


□ The difference between a Llama and a Lama.


□ It’s never too late to learn.

□ The story of O.

□ Is it ever too late to learn the piano? (See also ‘N’).

□ The two meanings of ‘Quite’.

Really, that’s quite enough, So That, you Understand Very Well, is all for today; sorry about x, y and z.


As I said, copy this list and tick it and send it, or just pick a subject and tell me you’d like to read about it. Or think of another subject. You may like to know that the Google ‘overview’ thingy tells me that no-one whatsoever has looked, even by mistake, at either of the entries about the Tristan chord, not even the one called ‘Sex and Drugs and Rock-and-Roll.’

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