Sunday, 8 June 2014

Attention Aegean Culture Vultures

Kyriaki ('Sunday') has at last opened her bookshop/cafe. (That 'e' should of course have an acute accent, but this illiterate blog system won't let me do that today.)
Here is a close-up of its sign:
The Greek word Στέγη translates literally as 'Roof' but is of course here a synecdoche for 'Home'. At the moment the only non-Greek books in stock are translations into English, German, Italian and Russian of the works of well-known Greek authors. Kyriaki has serious taste in literature, but as the season continues she will no doubt start to stock some lighter foreign language (especially English) holiday reading. (She has to make a living.)
Here are some more pictures, including one of a surprised-looking (perhaps a customer had come in) proprietor:

The picture above shows the coffee part of the shop.

Please support Kyriaki's brave venture. You don't have to buy a book, you can just come and browse over a coffee.

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