Monday, 13 April 2015

Pots and Kettles

In the USA, a white policeman can abuse, beat up, and even shoot to death a black man, claim he was acting in self-defence, and get away with it. Only if someone has caught the scene on video will he be in trouble.

The USA authorities send people they suspect of planning terrorism to other countries, to be tortured by other people. It does however keep a special enclave in, of all places, Cuba, where it imprisons people without trial or even charge and practices ‘Enhanced Interrogation Techniques’ (that’s what torture is called when Americans do it) on them.

In the USA, people are framed for murders they didn’t commit, kept under sentence of death for as long as 28 years, then, following an absurdly delayed retrial, released. (That’s black people of course.)

Now, President Obama — the token black Uncle Tom the USA has chosen to ‘reassure’ its people that all is well — has deigned to make friendly overtures to Raoul Castro of Cuba. He’s hoping to talk to him about Cuba’s human rights record.

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