Thursday, 23 April 2015

Poetry is the kiss of death to the blog

As always, my putting a poem or two in the blog, foreign ones to boot, and even writing about them, has caused readership to plummet. Undeterred, today I give you one of mine; one I had forgotten but just found again in a corner of my computer:



Hard to Follow

I’m trying to bury Seamus Heaney.
I’ve dug the hole and put in some carrots —
earthy root vegetable, edible raw —
(potatoes might make a bad impression —
‘Back to the bog, you upstart Mick!’)

But he keeps popping out, smiling, to say
how pleased he is to be back in the soil.
Of course, I realize he couldn’t say
this, or the other, from under the sod.
Still, ‘Yes, yes, Seamus. Lie down now.’
Simon Darragh.
Putting a picture in often rescues the readership figures, so here's one of another Irish writer, J.M. Synge

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