Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Comrade, Can You Spare a Kopeck?

The first responsibility of Alexis Tsipras is of course to the people of Greece, who have suffered nothing this bad since the wartime occupation by Germany, when all the food, not to mention the gold reserves,  were taken to the Fatherland.  If the richer countries of Europe which welcomed Greece with open arms when it suited them won’t help now, then of course Greece must look elsewhere. News media in those richer countries have been somewhat sniffy about where she is currently looking; they don’t like it and they point out that Russia too has what are euphemistically called ‘Economic Problems’. However, shortage of money is not actually among those problems. I don’t think Frau Merkel has actually seen the beggars huddled shivering in Athens shop doorways during what has been an unusually long and wet winter; any decent person who has will be thinking ‘Good luck, Alexi.’ And if it gets up the noses of Frau Merkel and President Obama, then frankly so much the better.

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