Wednesday, 26 November 2014


There is not much any of us individual, normal, common people, unorganized into protest groups and living far away from events, can do about the blatant racist injustice that is happening in America just now. That is in fact happening all the time over there. We must of course register our disgust, but we must also try to enjoy life and not get too depressed by those who make a hell in heaven’s despite.

So let us return to the limericks:

Said Jill, ‘Whatever’s the matter, Jack?’
As he dropped his pail with a clatter back
Down in the well:
‘There’s no need to yell,
Toads are harmless: it’s only a Natterjack.’



This one looks as pissed off as many of us are feeling. Natterjacks are also among the toads who can do that blowy-up thing, which I think acts like the bag of a bagpipe and thus enables them to make toadish noises for longer at a go.

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