Thursday, 27 November 2014

The Owl

Such are things in America that one could almost be forgiven for feeling confused about which particular case of white policemen shooting dead unarmed young black people is currently causing riots. Almost.
BBC World Service, with its usual sense of proportion, is no longer giving much time to the matter, in its haste to spend up to a third of its International News talking about a cricketer killed by a ball hitting his head.

Perhaps the wisest move for sane people is simply to wait quietly for people like the BBC and the American Police forces to come to their senses. It could be a very long wait, so, talking of wisdom, here is today’s limerick:

‘Don’t expect me,’ said the owl,
‘to mix with day-birds, cheek by jowl.
I come out at night;
Edward Lear was quite right:
the owl is an elegant  fowl.’

This is a Great Horned Owl.

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