Saturday, 8 November 2014

Honey Boy

Dimitri, a.k.a. Honey Boy, keeps bees here in the island. (Alonnisos, Northern Sporades.) (Duh.) He uses only natural methods and so the availability of honey is more up to his bees than to Dimitri. For much of the summer the bees were sulking owing to the lack of rain in the spring, (not enough flowers), but I am glad to report that now they have provided a rich harvest: I popped by Honey Boy’s village workshop yesterday afternoon and he showed me the great 200 litre barrel he is filling: it’s nearly up to the brim and he says there’s more coming. Pity most of the foreigners have gone away now; they are missing the best honey in the world. It keeps of course — they say the honey found in the Pharaoh’s tombs was still perfectly edible, (or could it be that the Mummy’s Curse that caused so many untoward deaths among the archaeologists was in fact something in the ancient honey they tried? No, don’t be silly) — but demand is likely to be high. Current price is €12 a kilo (that’s 12 euros; the euro sign doesn’t come out right on some people’s computers) so if you want some you’d better ring or e-mail Dimitri at once:

Telephone (Mobile) 6947428585


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