Wednesday, 8 October 2014

The Unacceptable Face of Capitalism

Is there an acceptable one? I hope the author (artist, whatever one says) of the cartoon below won't mind my blatant breach of copyright in posting here his excellent cartoon. As I found it on the internet I assume it is already in the public domain and that he has been paid for his work. It caught my eye because it mentions two of the worst offenders: Microsoft, whose stranglehold on the computer operating system market means we are all but forced to use a system that is merely a cheap rip-off of the earlier excellent Macintosh system, (Macintosh thenselves, ironically, gave up the struggle long ago and made their later systems mere copies of that copy) and Starbucks, which is corrupting the vestigial English taste for real coffee. A friend of mine recently, for the first and of course last time, bought an alleged cappuccino in a branch of Starbucks and took it back because she assumed they had simply forgotten to put any coffee in. 'No, that's how people like it,' she was told.

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