Monday, 27 October 2014


Here is today’s limerick. We have reached ‘C’, so inevitably it will be about the cat. Specifically, the domestic moggy.


I never much cared for the Cat;
his life seemed so terribly flat:
when not chasing a mouse
he’d just hang round the house,
where he sat on the mat, and that’s that.


You all know what a cat looks like and I’m not going to put a picture of one in my blog. Here instead is its mat: a fragment of a Tekke Turkoman tribal rug, made into a cushion cover. As it is a fragment, photographed close up, one can see clearly the characteristic gul: the octagonal pattern that, together with the prominent use of red dye, identifies it even to one as ignorant about oriental carpets as myself as being Tekke. The Tekkes are my favourite carpets; there’s an old worn-out one hanging in my stairwell.

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