Thursday, 9 October 2014


Hallowe'en - All Hallow's Eve - is, at least in the Church of England calendar, the 31st of October, and there is a number of traditions - not very Christian - associated with it. That night, ghosts are said to walk abroad, especially in churchyards. People like to fool around, having parties and dressing up in ghosty stuff, and of course the Americans have corrupted it into an opportunity for children to be more than usually nauseating so that they have to be bribed with sweets or money to go away.
It's  a while until Hallowe'en yet, but to get readers into the right mood, here is a couple of skeletons, from the British Museum's collection:

The one on the left is, apart from the wonky left knee and the dislocated jaw, that of a fairly normal human.
The one on the right is that of a prominent Conservative Cabinet Minister.

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