Saturday, 25 October 2014

Ardvark? Ardvaark? AARDVARK

Since no-one has complained, I propose to give you the whole of my animal alphabet in limericks, one by one, starting with ‘a’ and ending with ‘z’, (duh) in between posts about other things. By the way, the limerick is one of the few common present-day English language verse forms that is almost entirely accentual; most other common forms are accentual-syllabic.

I didn’t give you a picture of a vulture, but hope to append below a picture of an aardvark or two. I must say they look rather charming creatures. The limerick itself is a useful mnemonic for those frequent occasions when you rack your brain (or is it ‘wrack’?) for the spelling of ‘aardvark’.


The Aardvark said ‘I should regret it if
they don’t put me first.’ (So competitive.)
His primitive ruse
was simply to use
two ‘a’s, then a third. (So repetitive.)

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