Wednesday, 27 August 2014

‘On This Day’

In 1883 Krakatoa erupted: the explosion could be heard round the world, and the dust-particles too, having reached the upper atmosphere, gave rise to a period of very colourful sunsets.


In 1950 a just-recognizable television picture was sent across the channel; the bit of water separating England from France. Naturally they chose the narrowest part of the channel, that between Calais and my home town of Dover. It’s about 21 miles. In Dover we say that if you can see France it’s going to rain, and if you can’t see France it’s probably raining.


In 1944 Paris was liberated from German occupation. The liberation of a city is not usually something that, like a volcanic eruption or a wireless signal, can be pinned precisely to a time; let’s just say it happened around the end of August.


Looking at readership figures, I think what attracts you simple people out there is pictures. So here, just slightly relevantly, is a picture of Dover Castle:


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