Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Off to Play Golf with Ralph

Which is pronounced ‘Orf to play goff with Rafe.’ There are plans for a golf club here in Alonnisos. There will be difficulties — water? — but I wish the organizers luck. More quixotic enterprises have done well in this increasingly surprising little place.

I don’t play golf; what I don’t know about golf would fill a large volume. All I know is that a friend of mine was once invited to play at a big club. After the game he went to take a shower and, not knowing the club house, accidentally went into the women’s showers. Fortunately there were no women there at the time, and he didn’t realize his mistake until, stepping stark naked out of the shower, he heard a group of women coming in. Desperately seeking concealment he dodged behind a row of towels hanging up to dry, but this concealed only his upper half: his — er — nether regions were still on full view.

The first lady exclaimed ‘Oh! Who can that be?’

The second said ‘Well, it’s not your husband … come to that, it’s not mine either.’

The third thought for a moment and said ‘He’s not even a member of the golf club.’

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