Thursday, 13 February 2014

The Aloni

I put the first two issues of 'The Aloni' on this blog some time ago. As no-one complained I assumed you were all delighted to read them - again in some cases - so now here is the third.
By the way, the people who were kind enough to lend me their collections of original Alonia can rest assured that their copies are safe - I put each person's collection in separate labelled folders for return after scanning. Unfortunately someone took it upon herself to 'tidy' my desk, and although all copies are safe and have been put away where no-one can 'tidy' them, they are no longer in separate folders labelled with the owners' names, which is why I haven't been able to return them.

Unfortunately I find that the stupid blog application, in spite of its saying that I may put in two pictures, will not allow me (as it did for page one) to blow up page two to a readable size. I will give you page two later. 


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