Friday, 14 February 2014

Giraffes, Kydonia, Alonia.

Copenhagen Zoo recently shot and killed a healthy young male giraffe. Zoo staff have been surprised by the angry public reaction. Try this little experiment: find, in ‘Word’ form, any of the many pieces about this and use the ‘Replace’ function to turn throughout the word ‘Giraffe’ into the word ‘Jew’. Now read it again.

Further news about Madame Quince’s forthcoming book. It seems the publisher won’t countenance ‘The Runcible Spoon’ for the title, but has decreed, with dazzling originality, that it be ‘Quinces’. Fair enough, it ‘Does what it says on the box’ as they say. I have had the temerity to suggest that ‘The Quince’ does the same, but with a classier, more definitive ring. Madame Quince is in fact Jane McMorland Hunter, who also edits poetry anthologies, and her co-author is Sue Dunster. The publisher is Prospect Books and it should be out in the Autumn.

Enough about quinces already. Here, I hope, is the missing second page of issue 3 of the Aloni:

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