Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Snowden, Copernicus, and Kavvadias.

Edward Snowden has just been made Rector of Glasgow University. A few students objected: not because they thought him a bad choice in other respects, but because they thought it might be difficult for him to come to Glasgow given that the American government wants to get its far-from-clean hands on him. The news was on BBC, DW, and RFI. VOA was oddly silent.
Today is the birthday of Nicholas Copernicus, as he's usually called because his Polish name is a little difficult for non-Poles. Copernicus was not the first to suggest a heliocentric planetary system, but he showed how it would work out neatly and eliminate the bizarre epicycles and retrograde planetary motion of previous ideas.
And here's the next page of that thing on Kavvadias. Just one page today as the blog system, which says I can put two or more pictures in at once, in fact messes it up. More to come.

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