Saturday, 23 January 2016

Off the Rails

I have to interrupt the present series of posts about Berlioz because something one couldn’t make up has just happened in England.

People used to make jokes about British Railways, the national rail network that served the whole of Britain (that’s England, Scotland, and Wales) so well before dear Mrs T. carved it up and sold it to so many different money-making companies that it became impossible to find the one responsible when things, as they always do, went wrong.

No-one makes jokes any more; even I could not be as tasteless as that when the cost-cutting money-grabbing of rail companies has caused many deaths, including those of people I knew. But the latest idiocy will only hurt football fans so one may laugh:

A special railway station has been opened to serve a large football stadium in the English Midlands. It was announced today that it will not open when there is a football match as there would be too many people and it would cost too much.

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