Friday, 1 January 2016

Bravo Microsoft, Another Own Goal

Happy New Year, everybody.

I’m sorry about the slight shortage of blog posts recently. It’s not because I’ve had nothing to say, (that’ll be the day), but largely because Internet Explorer (A Microsoft product, and the default web browser in computers using Windows) suddenly, without warning, became incapable of opening my blog in such a way as to allow me to edit it. Reasoning that even Microsoft, which shows a remarkable indifference to the wishes of its users, must surely by now be aware of the problem it has made, I reluctantly accepted the ‘Upgrade’ to I.E. 11 with which it has been for some time importuning me. This made no difference, except of course for causing various system conflicts. (Par for the course for Microsoft Updates.) So I investigated various online fora and found that, as expected, people all over the world have been having the same problem. No-one, least of all Microsoft, has found a cure. The usual advice on these fora is to use another web browser, and this I now have to do.
In general, Bill Gates and his Microsoft are the worst thing that has ever happened to computers.

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