Friday, 15 January 2016

Greetings to readers in ‘Russia’

Forgive the inverted commas; I shall explain. The Google blog system allows me to see, day by day or week by week, where my readers are, listed by number of people (or number of times the blog is looked at — it could be one person, many times a day) per country. Quite suddenly over the last week or two, lots of people in what Google calls Russia are reading this blog, even though I have been too busy with other things to write many blog entries. It also provides a little map of the world, with the countries shaded in progressively darker green according to those numbers. But Google seems to have an outdated view of what ‘Russia’ is — the dark green stretches from west of the Caucasus all the way to the straits separating Asia from Alaska, and including many central Asian countries that are not in fact Russia. ‘Russia’, for Google, seems still to mean ‘The Former Soviet Union’. Hardly surprising from an organization which pretends not to have heard of intellectual property rights and whose founders don’t know how to spell ‘Googol’.

Anyway, greetings to you all. Keep reading, and I shall try to post items that may interest you.

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