Friday, 27 February 2015

You won’t tell me, so I found out for myself.

Daily readership — or at least click-on-ership — of this blog varies widely, but rarely rises above 20. So I thought there must be some technical glitch when I checked this morning and found that, yesterday, 462 people (or one person 462 times, or … well you know what I mean) had looked at it. Naturally I investigated further, and found that nearly half of this figure was due to one entry, made long ago, which consisted simply of one scanned page from ‘Wireless Operator’, my book of translations of the poetry and short prose of Nikos Kavvadias; it was my version of his poem ‘Mal du Depart’. The edition of 500 copies of the book has almost sold out, and Nikos’s niece, who holds the rights to his work, (though not in fact to my translations of it) is stubbornly making obstacles to its re-publication here in Greece, against the urgings of respected publishers and critics. Anyone who wants to buy one of the few remaining copies should e-mail me.

I have never expected to make money from any of my writings, whether original or translations, so, whenever time and circumstances permit, I shall post scans of the whole book, page by page, here in the blog. If only people had, as I keep asking, told me what they wanted to see here, I could have done this long ago. Anyway, here for a start is the front cover: 


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