Saturday, 7 February 2015

Cameras Don't Lie; People Do.

It has been suggested — no, why this pussy-footing passive construction? — Jane has suggested — that I have short-changed you in the matter of pictures on the blog. So here today are several: first, Lenin addressing the workers: the chap on the steps to the right is, I’m pretty sure, Trotsky:


Now, not the same picture censored exactly, but another taken within seconds; too few seconds for comrade Leon to have got down the steps:


Shocking, eh? Not the sort of thing that would happen in England, of course. Here now is a picture, a famous one, of the great Victorian engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel standing by the anchor chains of his magnificent but doomed ship the ‘Great Eastern’:


And here again is another version of that picture, deemed more suitable for schoolchildren, who must learn lying and hypocrisy early if they want to earn the respect of their elders:


Incidentally, the fine Greek writer Andreas Embeirikos wrote a huge pornographic novel, even longer than Proust’s ‘Remembrance of Things Past’, set on the (fictional) maiden voyage of the ‘Great Eastern’.

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