Monday, 12 January 2015

Sheep and Goats

One hears the expression ‘Divide the sheep from the goats’; I think the origin is biblical, but I can’t remember, or perhaps it doesn’t say, which of the two kinds of animal is preferable or why. Here in Greece most shepherds / goatherds have mixed flocks, and all those I’ve spoken to about it agree that goats are far and away more intelligent than sheep. A friend in Germany who likes sheep has been telling me that they are not stupid, but I am unconvinced.

Anyway, I only mention this because my attempt to intrigue readers with that quaint device the Rolls Razor went down like a lead balloon, so I decided today to give you another limerick. The last one was R for Rat, so today we have S for Sheep:

Sheep live on cold hills. Though endowed
with thick wool, it gets shorn: they say “How’d
you feel with no cardy?
Hill-top life’s hardy,
far from the madding crowd.”

Oh yes: you like pictures, don’t you? All right then:


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