Wednesday, 10 September 2014

The Golden Oriole

Now that the oafs who used to shoot them have got computer games instead to occupy their tiny minds, the bird population here in this little island, both indigenous and migratory, is increasing. What I don’t know of ornithology would fill a library, but even I have noticed that we are on a migration route; that it is in fact a handy place for birds to take a few days rest after (in Spring) or before (in Autumn) the long haul across the Mediterranean. I have even learnt to recognize a few kinds, both aurally and visually. This morning I was woken, not as usual by the temporary visitor next door who comes out on his balcony to make endless loud ’phone calls, but by the rarer and more beautiful chirps of a small flock of Golden Orioles flying past, somewhere near the open skylight over my bed. Here’s what a Golden Oriole looks like:

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