Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Power in the Hands of Fools

There are few things more terrifying than ignorance and stupidity in positions of power. John Kerry, an American Secretary of State, has just said

Terrorism — extremism — does not have a place in the building of a civilized society.

His remark was broadcast in several consecutive VOA news bulletins, so must have been heard by others in positions of power all over the world, but not a single one has come forward to say that this Kerry person is talking rubbish.

Whatever one’s ideas about historical development, however badly one was taught history at school, one thing is perfectly clear to all but an idiot: terrorism, extremism, ruthless violence have been instrumental in the building of every civilized society that has ever existed, including of course the United States of America.


On the related subject of Clowns in the House of Lords, I am glad to report that there has been a large increase in demand in bookshops for the works of Hilary Mantel. Well done, Lord Bell.

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