Wednesday, 21 May 2014

‘The Voice Of (which) America.’


I won’t sledge-hammer readers with interpretations of yesterday’s little wolf and dog story; that version was, after all, written for ten-year-olds.

The United States government is currently enthusiastically sacrificing its people’s freedoms at the altar of a dubious security, and is encouraging its puppets such as the United Kingdom to do the same. The more intelligent of America’s politicians, especially the early ones, the ones who can fairly be called ‘Statesmen’, have warned against this time and time again. The warnings have not been ignored exactly: rather, the unease they provoke in many Americans has been repressed: God forbid that an American should have doubts, but one doesn’t need much psychology to detect the desperation in all this singing about the ‘Land of the Free’.


The relentless philistine populism, the dashing through boring stuff like wars to get to the important football results, have made it pointless to listen to BBC World Service for ‘News’. Deutsche Welle’s English service is best, but failing that, (the signal is often weak now), Voice of America is good: the pro-American bias is so unsubtle you can almost correct it just by tilting your head, (to the left of course), and the above-mentioned desperation gives many items a straight-faced unconscious humour. Today listeners were told ‘Hurricane predictions are often criticised, especially when they are wrong.’

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