Sunday, 25 May 2014



There was a 6.3 Richter earthquake late yesterday morning. The epicentre was some way east of this little Aegean island and there was no damage or casualty here beyond the spilling of coffee by a few freaked-out people. However I understand the roof of Lemnos airport collapsed, which won't help tourism.

A few years ago there was a smaller one, but with its epicentre right here. That evening a friend of mine was having dinner outside a taverna with one of the tour reps. The tour rep was nominally off duty, but I suppose, like doctors and priests, tour reps are never really off duty, and their dinner was interrupted by a worried tourist who wanted to know how often earthquakes happened here and how severe they were. Before the young lady rep could make a diplomatic reply, my irritated friend, who if I know him had by then reached a delicate stage in inveigling her into going back to his place after dinner, said ‘Well, we have big earthquakes and we have little earthquakes; it all depends how much you pay for your holiday.’

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