Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Some years ago I ran, here in Alonnisos, a weekly English language news sheet. Because it was done on a computer that was even then an antique — one of the early Apple SE series running Macintosh system 6, which I later upgraded to system 7, writing with Word 5 for Macintosh (an excellent application which did exactly what you told it to do and didn’t, like later versions, officiously insist that you must only do what the average dim American twelve-year-old might be likely to do) the original computer files, when they can be opened at all, come out as a bizarre jumble of control characters and the elegant typefaces and graphics are lost. So when I planned to produce a book containing every issue I had to scout round for original paper copies — many thanks to devoted readers who lent me copies which I still haven’t returned, mainly because some woman ‘tidied’ my desk and shuffled together all the copies from all the lenders — but they’re safe, and any lenders who would like them back should, I’m afraid, come over to my place to identify them — where was I? Oh yes; to make the book I had to scan paper copies.

But the best laid plans o’ mice and men gang aft agley; the book never materialised. Therefore, from time to time, I shall put a copy of an issue in this blog. Starting today with the very first issue:

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