Saturday, 25 January 2014

Davos Schmavos

The ‘World Economic Forum’ is a yearly event at which the very rich gather to display their riches and exchange conscience-soothing specious arguments to show that their being thousands of times richer than the next person is somehow good for the next person. This year some commentators have been disappointed that ‘only’ 16% of the delegates are women. I am disappointed that it is that many. The disgusting sickness of amassing more wealth than one needs and then showing off seems to me very male. True, there have always been exceptions: the morally imbecilic such as Margaret Thatcher and Angela Merkel, and the many who think that ‘Equality’ means doing all the things, however revolting, that have hitherto been done almost exclusively by men.

That’s all for today. Surely this post at least should provoke some comment?

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