Saturday, 14 May 2011

'Adult' Content

As I browsed through the 'settings' and 'edit' facilities on this blogsite (is that a word? Well it is now) I was asked if I wished to show 'adult content' on my site. Of course I do; I am an adult and most of my readers (if any) are probably adults of some sort. Much that I write and quote would be beyond the understanding of, say, a seven year old. (Much, too, would probably only be understood by a seven year old, but that is another matter.) So I clicked 'Yes'. Now it seems my blog wil be headed with a 'warning', to ward off people who might be offended by 'adult' content.
Of course I do know what 'adult' is supposed to mean in such contexts. It is interesting how the word has been usurped (it means 'hijacked', you at the back of the class) to mean its opposite: 'Adult content' is a phrase used by the semi-literate to mean its opposite: infantile or immature content designed to arouse people whose sexual and emotional development got stuck very early on. Now I suppose there might be a little of that sort of thing in this blog, but unless you're polymorphously perverse you won't find much. Sorry to disappoint you. No, I really am sorry, so from time to time I'll drop in something that might appeal. Meanwhile you might like to check out the paintings of Balthus.

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