Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Music Quiz

If you ask people to hum or whistle John Philip Sousa’s ‘Liberty Bell’, most shrug and claim ignorance. Asked to hum or whistle the ‘Monty Python’ theme (Sousa’s ‘Liberty Bell’), the same people will get it right.

So: with what shows, films, whatever do you associate the following pieces of music?

1)      The Harmonicats doing ‘Peg o’ my Heart’.

2)      ‘Rockin’ in Rhythm’ by the Duke Ellington Orchestra.

3)      Tarrega’s Waltz ‘Maria’.

4)      Rachmaninov’s Third Piano Concerto.

5)      Khatchaturian’s incidental music to ‘Spartacus’.

6)      Sibelius’s ‘At the Castle Gate’.


Since you people out there show the sullen indifference of a class of English twelve-year-olds, I won’t even bother to ask you to send in answers, though I may, if you’re good, tell you them later.
This is a Sousaphone. (The brass instrument in front; the other one is a tenor banjo.)

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