Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Grave Parking Problems

In the summer many people drive up to this little village for the evening, and there isn’t room for all those extra cars. So the Mayor and Council, in their wisdom, decided to excavate and level a large area of the steeply-sloping land behind the (until recently) peaceful cemetery at the western edge of the village, with the results seen below.

I knew the chap whose wood-surrounded grave (he was a carpenter) has had one end undermined and is collapsing. I hope the reports that, until the gaping hole was hastily blocked with stones, his feet could be seen poking out are exaggerated.

What sort of island community is this, that will elect, for a second term of office, a Mayor and Council that will desecrate graves so that money-bearing summer visitors can park their cars more conveniently?


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