Monday, 28 September 2015

Signs of Life out there.

Ally Teck

That is, apparently, someone’s name, or pseudonym. He or she has responded to my post about ‘Explosive Cakes’ with the comment ‘That made me laugh!’. That pleases me; writers always want to move their readers to some sort of expression of emotion, and if you can’t make them cry, then make them laugh. (Only now do I remember that in that post I described how when I was very young the destruction of a birthday cake made me cry.)

Unfortunately, Google, in its infinite wisdom, (witness its founders’ inability to spell the word ‘Googol’), provides no way to reply directly to those who comment using the ‘comment’ clicky-thing on the blog. That’s actually why I ask people to comment via my e-mail address. Anyway, thank you Ally; I think you must be about the third or fourth person, in five or six years, to have commented on one of my thousand or so blog entries.

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