Sunday, 20 September 2015

Η Καïμένη Ελλάδα.

Just a few words about the fifth — or sixth if you count the recent referendum — Greek General Election in six years. When I went to my usual café this morning I met a few local people who had just been down to the harbour to vote. They were faced with a choice of nineteen different parties to choose from. Or twenty if you chose to ‘vote lefko’, that is to say, to drop a blank piece of paper in the box, indicating  ‘A plague on all nineteen of your houses’.

But the general feeling is that whichever party ‘wins’ the election, it makes no difference: Greece is no longer ruled by the Greeks; it is a mere colony of Europe, ruled by the various international banks. Voting used to be compulsory in Greece; I’m not sure that law has in fact been repealed, but anyway lots of people are simply not bothering to vote at all this time.


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