Sunday, 15 March 2015

Silly Mid Off

This morning’s VOA newsreader told us that in a recent speech President Obama said ‘A college degree is the surest ticket to the Middle East Middle Class that is.’ I think this intriguing slip was the newsreader’s rather than Obama’s, and I think Americans not in it regard ‘The Middle Class’ as a more desirable destination than the Middle East. Americans go to the Middle East mostly to ‘persuade’ the locals to adopt something like the American Way of Life, and are often quite violently upset by the sheer ingratitude of the people they are ‘Only trying to help’. Funny people, Americans.

I was going to write today about a more than usually silly BBC presenter, but was distracted by the VOA chap. You can’t tell if VOA presenters are silly or not: they resemble that thing on computers that reads simple monolingual texts aloud.


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