Sunday, 29 March 2015

Friedrich von Hügel

Who? Well, he was a German writer of about a century ago. I think he may have been a priest and/or theologian. Now with about three exceptions the writings of German theologians interest me as much as the ‘writings’ of Jeffrey Archer, but this chap has to be added to the list of exceptions, if only for one thing he said. I rather think I’ve put it in the blog before, but it needs repeating because so many people continue to blunder in (‘I was only trying to help’) where angels fear to tread. He said or wrote it to his niece, and I have it, clearly printed out, pinned up in my house, though few seem to notice, and never the people who should:

The golden rule is, to help those we love to escape from us; and never to try to begin to help people, or influence them till they ask, but wait for them.

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