Friday, 12 December 2014

'Social Networks'

My e-mail address is freely available and I usually respond to all but the silliest e-mails. However, I keep getting messages from 'Social Networks' such as Facebook, Linkedin, etc. These messages invariably begin with the pseudo-word 'Hi', and normally I would ignore anyone who says 'Hi' rather than 'Hello' or 'Good Morning', but sometimes these messages originate from people with whom I would in fact like to make contact - for example, someone called Rosalind whose message came to me via Linkedin. It is not possible from such messages to find the person's own e-mail address: one is obliged to click on a link that then inveigles one into the 'social network'. My experience of these has been bad; one gets hassled by feather-brained little girls who want one to be 'friends' (something that is achieved, it seems, by a mouse-click) and look at pictures of their cute kittens. Having with much difficulty disengaged myself from one such 'Social Network' I will not engage with such things at all.
However, as I say, some of these messages seem to come, originally, from people with whom I should indeed like to correspond. If such people would simply send me an e-mail directly, not via a 'Social Network', not saying 'Hi!', and above all not attaching pictures of pussy-cats, (dogs are OK), I shall be happy to respond.
Got that? Meanwhile, here is a picture of some beasts, including I fear a cute pussy-cat:

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