Sunday, 8 December 2013

Snow White

GITs - Greek Island Thespians, a group of ageing stage-struck anglophone expatriates - I suspect few of them have looked up 'Git' in a dictionary - are preparing their next pantomime. We do our pantomimes around Easter as many expatriates go 'home' for Christmas, (surely just the worst time to be in England), and this year it is Snow White. Snow White and the Seven Sisters, as we couldn't find enough dwarves. The part of Snow White, at least while she is still a little girl, will be played by a local Greek girl who speaks good English.
When we did our first pantomime a few years ago almost no Greeks came on the first night: 'Oh, it will be something for the foreigners' thay said and stayed away in droves. However those few who did come found the thing so outrageously hilarious that they told all their friends, and since then GITs have played to packed, mostly Greek, houses. Local people have even learnt to shout 'Oh, no he isn't!' and 'Behind you!' and even on one occasion Τί σκατά θέα είσαι εσύ; . Our exasperated organizers have been hoping that in a decade or so Greeks will learn to buy tickets in advance rather than clamour at the door just after curtain up. A first lesson in Greek culture for foreigners should be analysis of the concept of  Ρωμιοσύνη.

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