Monday, 30 December 2013

No Blog Today?

Something called 'Overview' tells me that 70 odd people look at my blog daily, but I sometimes wonder if it's the same two people - Dimitri and Jane - who look at it 70 odd times a day. So I get discouraged and sometimes fail to write anything. Dimitri has just sent me the following message; I hope he won't mind my putting it in here. Dimitri is Greek of course. How many English people could send me an e-mail in Greek verse?

No blog today
Are you ok?
What happened while I'm away?
Was the day pale and grey?
And if someone has caused you trouble,
when I'll return I'll give him double.
Did you visit yorgo? friend of mine
I hope that you're doing fine
I do have something in process of being, slowly, written, and I promise it is not a poem or about poetry. Be patient.

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