Monday, 26 September 2011

Foreign Correspondence

Since no-one buys my books, and I had rather they were read free (or ‘for free’ as it seems one now says) than not at all, I set up this blog with the intention of scanning the print versions and putting them, page by page, here. Unfortunately the technical limitations of this site — one might reasonably have expected better from Google — are making this very difficult: pdfs nearly always come out garbled, especially if more than a page long, and even word documents lose their formatting. As for foot- and marginal notes, they get put arbitrarily in the midst of, or even superimposed over, the main text.
However I shall persevere. Here is (I hope) the cover of my one book-length collection of my own poetry:
Hmm. Didn't work quite as I asked it to, but it will do for now. Next time, you lucky people, you will get the back cover. Then perhaps some of the actual contents.

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