Friday, 10 June 2016

Toilet Training, and Realer than Real

The government of India has been for some time trying to supply lavatories to every house in the country. Of course they didn’t bother to ask their electorate if they wanted toilets in their houses. They don’t. They are turning their toilets into cupboards, and going out to shit in the fields as they have always done. So in its wisdom the government has sent out officials to patrol favourite open-air shitting places and force all who approach to go home and shit indoors.
I am reminded of the old lady in this little Greek island who, some years ago whispered confidentially in a shocked tone ‘Do you know, some of these foreigners actually shit inside their own houses.’

You couldn’t make it up, but it’s true, and perhaps explains why the Lenovo company has just invented a mobile ’phone which takes photographs which, they say, ‘Enhance reality’.

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