Tuesday, 17 May 2016

But Does it Work?

But Does it Work?
In one of his films the character played by Woody Allen is worried about a possible injury to his brain. ‘But that’s my second favourite organ!’ he protests.

Allen is an exception, but in general Americans often manage to combine an excruciatingly embarrassing frankness with a maiden-auntish prudery, and as so often with American’s less attractive behaviours, many Brits are slavishly copying.

Someone in America has just had a dick transplant (the BBC used the cold medical term ‘Penis’, but let us talk like ordinary people), and he happily told an interviewer all about it.

All? Well, not quite all. Not once did news announcer mention, interviewer ask, or transplantee tell us what is surely the most important thing about a dick, the thing we all want to know, the thing no-one mentions.
(I wanted to add a picture of an erect dick, but it seems such pictures are regarded by the internet as pornographic, and I don't feel like looking at pornography just now.)

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