Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Panem et Circenses

I have been unable to write anything for the blog recently as I have, yet again, broken some bones: three ribs. As anyone who has broken ribs will know, there’s not much one can do about mending them, and must just put up with rather a lot of pain until they mend themselves. So I felt justified in taking a holiday.

Today, however, I heard something on BBC World Service News that cries out for comment. Well, no; a simple relation of the facts will speak for itself:

In June, there will be a referendum on whether the United Kingdom should stay in the common market or not. And the BBC tells us, in all seriousness, that the deciding factor will be the result of a football match a few days before: if England wins, people will be feeling jolly and friendly towards other European nations, and will vote to stay in the common market. If England loses, they will vote to leave. Thus do the British decide what some might consider important matters of state.


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