Wednesday, 6 May 2015

A Song about a Marrow

Here you are. Words only, but the tune is a simple three-chord trick one. Kenneth Williams sang it rather well in one of the 'Round the Horne' shows.

There's a man lives down the street I'd like you all to know
He grew a great big marrow for the local farmers' show
When the story got around, they came from far and wide
And when they saw the size of it, all the ladies cried :

Chorus: Oh, what a beauty! I've never seen one as big as that before!
Oh, what a beauty! It must be two foot long or even more.
Such a lovely colour, so nice and round and fat;
I never thought a marrow could grow as big as that.
Oh, what a beauty - I've never seen one as big as that before.

He was leaning on his garden gate the other day,
He beckoned to a lady who lived just across the way,
He took her down the garden path and showed her it with pride
When she saw the size of it that little lady cried :

Repeat Chorus

Then the feller showed it again and everybody went
To see his great big marrow lying there inside the tent.
Then the judges came around to give the prizes out
They only took one look at it, and they began to shout :

Repeat Chorus (twice)


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