Tuesday, 4 March 2014

At the moment, rather to my surprise, I seem to have more readers of my blog in the US of A than anywhere else. Next comes Greece, then a few in England, and a scattering of odd readers here and there in other countries. But a couple of weeks ago I was pleased to find I suddenly had a number of readers in Poland, perhaps because I had mentioned Nicholas Copernicus, the astronomer and, as we might now call him, cosmologist who did a great deal to establish the idea of the heliocentric planetary system. He was of course Polish. So the following is for the benefit of Poles, and of course anyone else who can read Polish.

And as a bonus you lucky people get a picture of me in characteristic pose; that is to say, with a glass of whisky in my hand. The picture was taken at Hawthornden Castle in Scotland, which belongs to Drue Heinz of Heinz Baked Beans. She spends some of the Heinz fortune in inviting writers to stay and work (or drink whisky, or both) in her castle. Splendid lady.

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